Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, containing small amounts of information. They are placed on your browsing device (personal computer, laptop mobile etc) by websites that you visit. Information stored in the cookies are sent back to the originating website(s) during subsequent visits.

Cookies are very common and allow websites to to recognise a user's device from all the other visitors to the website. This helps to provide a better, personalized browsing experience.

How we use cookies on uses multiple cookies for various purposes, which are detailed below.

Session cookies from are cookies that contain a session ID and link together all the actions by the user, during a single browser session. These get automatically deleted when you close the webpage. Session Cookies help us to,

  • identify your browser/device and treat all clicks and actions during a single session as a continuous browsing experience
  • understand your browser capabilities and tailor the pages
  • load balance our servers during peak visit times

Third Party Cookies:

Some of the third party services that we use create some cookies required for their smooth functioning. None of these collect or store personally identifiable information. All the data collected are used to generate aggregate reports and are purely for statistical purposes.

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to analyse how the users interact with our website and improve based on this information. Four cookies are set by Google to know if you have visited our site before, which are the pages that you have visited etc. Google Analytics cookies are guided by the Google Analytics privacy policy.

Google Remarketing: We may use Remarketing based on Google Adwords and Analytics to serve advertisements across the Internet, to promote our services and products. Google sets some cookies for the purpose of showing advertisements to users who have previously visited our site as they browse other websites on the Internet.

Further information on Google Remarketing can be found here and you may control Google's use of cookies for Ads, at their Ads Settings page.

How to block cookies?

You can delete or block cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. Please be aware that some features on this website may not work without cookies enabled.

More information on cookies is available at

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