Cloud Based Services

Deliver greater agility using the Cloud as a strategy.

Cloud computing is proving attractive to many businesses today. The ability to instantly access applications, data and services from a secure infrastructure has interested many companies. The Cloud provides companies with a new, dynamic and efficient way of delivering IT services scaled specifically to their requirements.

At Valin Technologies, our cloud-based services enable your company to maintain an agile, optimised and efficient environment. The service is simply designed to match the size and core demands of your requirements at an affordable cost. Our real-time collaboration is seamlessly integrated into your business functions to increase the value proposition of your company.

Cloud Based Services in UK

Are you worried about Security and Privacy?

We know that you care for your customers as we do. Our Cloud Based Services help you in the integrated development of your business, with no compromise on security and privacy, yet backed up by Innovation.

Our expertise in programming and application development enables us to be proactive in configuring the appropriate architecture and implementation of your cloud requirements.

How do we help?

We help companies set up Profitable, Secure and Scalable Infrastructure on Cloud!

Cloud Based Services in UK
We Plan it

    Adopt Cloud strategies appropriate to business demands.

    Deployment planning services on different Cloud platforms.

    Cloud architecture scaled to your business services. One size does not fit all!.

Cloud Based Services in UK
We Build and Migrate it

    Build relevant Cloud architecture for application-specific development needs.

    Application development and deployment.

    Migrate from traditional web hosting to Cloud.

Cloud Based Services in UK
We Run it

    SLA and 24/7 support.

    Manage setup, backup and disaster recovery on Cloud infrastructure.

    Application management services.

    Run optimised and performance-tuned Web and Mobile Apps on Cloud infrastructure.

Delivering Business Value
through Synergy of Innovations