Managed IT Services

Managing and transforming your technology environment, so that you can focus on your business.

We own and fully manage the IT service we deliver to you, rather than just delivering the service and leaving you to manage the associated risks. You let us manage the end-to-end delivery of your IT requirements so that you can focus on building your IT strategy and business alignment.

What is a 'Managed IT Service'?

Managed IT services is a business model where the IT supplier provides a service to the customer with agreed Service Level Agreements to manage, proactively monitor, and smoothly run the customer's IT environment (including applications and infrastructure) for a fixed cost. A few parts of the service could be variable based on mutual agreement. This is in contrast to the conventional method of the IT supplier providing just part of a service as Staff Augmentation or on a Time & Material (T&M) basis, while the customer still has the bigger task of managing the IT environment and its associated risks.

Managed IT Services in UK

We co-manage your risks to help you focus your critical resources toward Core Business activities

We fully manage the end-to-end IT service delivery of

  • Application Development, Re-engineering & Enhancements.
  • Production Maintenance & Support.
  • Product Development.
  • On-Demand Services like Testing and Hosting.
  • Migration.
  • Training.

We deliver benefits to you as a result of:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) by taking over your IT related functions under the fold of our IT managed services.
  • Co-managing your risks to help you divert your critical resources toward Core Business activities.
  • Ability to ramp up teams on a need-basis with on-demand access to resources skilled in technology, process and management from our team.
  • Better control over projects with our structured processes, measurable KPIs and ownership of defined risks
  • Faster Time to Market as a result of quicker IT project delivery times and quality outcomes, backed by service-level agreements that guarantee high performance and timely delivery.

Delivering Business Value
through Synergy of Innovations