DevOps has taken the IT world by storm as it successfully bridges the gap between development and operations teams and helps organisations provide software solutions rapidly. Switching over to DevOps-related technologies in large enterprises is helping to prevent and resolve production issues, and improve customer experience, which is increasing the demand for DevOps professionals with good communication skills.

The specialised DevOps training at Valin gets you a globally recognised certification as well as ensures your professional familiarity with several in-demand DevOps skills using tools that make you:

devops training in UK
  • Understand the concepts required to configure cloud services.
  • Configure and manage virtual networks and resources.
  • Design and implement DevOps projects.
  • Deploy, manage, and operate DevOps systems that are fault-tolerant, and scalable.
  • Design and develop applications for Containers.
  • Involvement in open-source projects.

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